Tandem IMS | 8008 Zürich Seefeld, Stadtkreis 8

Über Tandem IMS

Tandem International Multilingual School is a dynamic day school, offering high quality multilingual education (German, English and French) for children from 0-12 years in a warm and child-friendly environment. Both local Swiss and international families are welcome.

Our 3 premises are on the northern shore of the lake of Zurich being Zurich Seefeld Quartier, Zollikon and Uetikon am See.

Tandem IMS has developed a unique concept of multilingualism in the education of the very young through to the end of the primary school years. All students experience translanguaging in which the teachers of both languages are regularly present in their classroom at the same time. In addition, our enquiry based learning curriculum, based on the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB) ensures a stimulating, creative and thought-provoking multidimensional education.

The core of our curriculum is canton Zurich’s curriculum (Lehrplan 21) and the UK National Curriculum. Children who attend Tandem IMS follow a rigorous programme and are assessed against local and international standards of attainment. With us, children will be challenged to perform academically whilst being able to develop a true love for learning and understanding the value in both collaborating and taking initiative.

It is not always easy to study at a high academic level in two or more languages and we are extremely proud to see our children become confident and courageous to integrate and feel comfortable in our ever expanding multicultural and multilingual world. Celebrating cultural diversity and history from around the globe further enriches social interactions and the enhancement of multicultural understandings.
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Status Freie Plätze
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Anzahl Plätze total
Normaltarif (pro Tag)
Babytarif (pro Tag)
Kinder im Alter ab
6 Monate
Kinder im Alter bis
12 Jahre
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Subventionierte Plätze
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8008 Zürich Seefeld, Stadtkreis 8
Seefeldstrasse 111


Tandem IMS
Herr Neal Brown
Seefeldstrasse 111 und 116
8008 Zürich Seefeld, Stadtkreis 8


Uhrzeit Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr.
Vormittag 07:30 bis 11:30 - - - - -
Mittagessen 11:30 bis 13:30 - - - - -
Nachmittag 13:30 bis 18:30 - - - - -
2 weeks during summer

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